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Have you ever wondered which sink will look beautiful, form a coherent whole with the countertop, and at the same time will be very practical to use?

Is there a sink that will always impress with its appearance and will allow for quick and convenient cleaning in the kitchen?

Suspended sink

Our experience shows that such a sink will be a suspended sink, or it will be installed flush with the countertop. Why?

Installation under the countertop means that all food remnants can be scooped directly to the sink, and the lack of joining at the top of the countertop means that - first of all - we do not have any crumbs on the joints of the sink and the countertop (as in the case of recessed sinks mounted in the countertop), and after second - water does not create stains on the countertop, so we have less cleaning.

But what if we plan a wooden worktop for which a suspended sink is not recommended?

The sink is mounted flush with the table top

In this case, the sink mounted flush with the countertop will be perfect. With such a sink, just like in a suspended sink, we can always scoop all the crumbs to the sink without leaving any residues on joining materials. Thanks to this, the countertop will always be clean and the water will not create stains. It should be remembered that the countertop will have to be properly milled, so leave the assembly of such a sink to a good carpenter :)

Quality of materials

An additional advantage that will make the suspended / flush-mounted sink beautiful and practical will be the material.

Most of such sinks are made of stainless steel, which is very resistant to any contamination, and thus - easy to clean. It should also be remembered that due to the method of installation, which should be classified as difficult, manufacturers do not save on the quality of materials used to make suspended sinks or mounted flush with the countertop. Reason? Complaints and replacement costs are high, so we are sure that by taking one of these types of sinks, we get a product made of the best materials and with a long-term manufacturer's warranty.

How is your experience? Share with us in the comments.

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