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ENG Navy blue kitchen - see how modern products and an interior full of character

Some use the English term navy blue, which directly refers to the British Royal Navy uniforms. And no wonder, because navy blue is a color created for uniforms, because it is associated with seriousness, authority, strength and determination. It is also the color of Oxford.

Not everyone is aware of the fun you can have when combining navy blue with other colors. It is an excellent base color. Here are some ideas to inspire original and expressive kitchens.

With white and light wood

Navy blue, white and warm wood colors are a recipe for an elegant interior. However, you have to be careful with the proportions. If we give too much white, we can get a marine-style interior. By painting the entire room in navy blue, we can, in turn, obtain the effect of a closed box. That is why it is so important to maintain balance and decorate the kitchen with contrasting elements such as: a light wooden floor and a kitchen worktop, as well as shiny silver, gold or copper cupboard handles, lamps, and a sink. You can safely put on a golden tap. White windows and doors that stand out against a dark background will also be a great idea.

Remember that such an intense color will work in abundance only in a bright room, well lit by daylight.

With a mild pink

Or maybe we would like to make our kitchen light and fresh? The shade of a romantic, powdery pink will be perfect here. The golden accessories also fit perfectly in this finish.

With marble and granite

The navy blue color will also work well with the accessories themselves. We can only mark off the cabinets against the background of a bright kitchen, add depth and character to the interior. Wood, marble, granite are beautifully combined with garnet, as well as modern materials such as quartz sinters, composites and conglomerates.

Do you like this style? Let me know in the comment!

Source: Homebook, dobrzemieszkaj,pl

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