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ENG What criteria should be followed when choosing a sink?

A kitchen sink is essential. It is used for washing dishes, preparing meals, collecting leftovers or washing hands. Once upon a time there was no choice and the only function of the sink was its utility. Today it is both a work tool and a large decorative element in the kitchen. So what to consider when choosing a sink for the kitchen?

The size of the cabinet / sink space

The main thing is the size of the sink. If we have unlimited space, then we can move on to the next point.

If our kitchen is small, has its limitations (water valves in a specific place) or we replace the sink in an existing kitchen and we are not planning a major renovation, then you should choose a sink that will fit the dimensions that limit us. It could be the size of the cabinet that is already standing, the opening in the countertop after the previous sink, or the space on the wall that will limit the size of the sink.

In such a situation, the most important thing is that the sink fits and fits.

Only when we know our dimensions / limitations, we can move on to the next point.


When choosing a sink, we should consider how we use the sink every day. Do we put most of the dishes in the dishwasher and mainly wash the meat, vegetables and from time to time some dishes in the sink? Or maybe we wash most of the dishes by hand and put the dishwasher in once in a while?

If we live alone or in two people and put most of the dishes in the dishwasher, a single-bowl sink with a small drainer or even without drainer will work very well.

If we are not a fan of a dishwasher, or we do not have room for it, it is definitely better to find a place for a single-chamber sink with a large drainer. The drainer will allow us to freely wash and put away wet dishes.

For a larger family, we recommend buying a 1.5-bowl or two-bowl sink. If you are trying to put most of the dishes in the dishwasher, a small drainer should be enough, and a small chamber will allow you to easily wash vegetables or fruit, even when there is a pot or cup in the large chamber.

If currently the dishwasher is always full and there is still something in the sink, in our opinion two chambers will be the best choice.


The choice of the size of the sink is of course not all the aspects that should influence our decision. Many users, when replacing the sink, only pay attention to the appearance of the sink. And of course, we want our sink to be beautiful :) However, it is important that it retains its beauty not only for the first week after purchase.

Our habits have a huge impact on what our new sink will look like in a few years.

If there has always been a steel sink in the house, and users, especially children, do not pay much attention to splashing water, and the dishes are always thrown into the sink with great force, then you should probably not expect that their behavior will suddenly change. In this case, a good quality steel sink will be the best choice. It will be the easiest to use, resistant to mechanical damage and most food dyes. Of course, it will not be the best choice for every kitchen, but it will look neat despite the passage of time.

If you have experience with sinks made of other materials, such as granite sinks, you can choose between materials such as glass or ceramics. In this case, we have many designs and colors of sinks that will perfectly match the style of our kitchen, and at the same time keep them in good condition for many years.

Although granite, glass or ceramic sinks are resistant to mechanical damage, you should be careful, because in the event of damage or cracks, no manufacturer will accept complaints, which will involve replacement costs. Bearing in mind both the advantages and disadvantages of each material, choose one whose disadvantages will not obscure the advantages in everyday use and we will be satisfied with the appearance of our sink.

Fashion vs timelessness

Finally, it is worth considering whether we want to have a modern, fashionable and elegant sink, or choose a timeless material that will look good and delight the eyes for years.

It all depends on our budget and preferences for changes. For people who like their surroundings as it is, the best choice will be classic and timeless materials. If, on the other hand, we often change our environment, we may be tempted to buy a product that will allow us to enjoy the eye here and now.

In this matter, tastes vary and tastes are not discussed :)

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