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ENG How to clean granite sinks?

Aktualizacja: 26 lip 2020

Granite sinks are beautiful and their appearance makes the kitchen seem more "natural". The material from which such sinks are made - although very durable, it is still susceptible to various highly polluting agents.

So how to clean granite sinks so that they serve us for many years and are still like new?

Black sinks

Black sinks are very resistant to contamination from coffee or beetroot.

The most common dirt that remains on sinks of this color is limescale. Unfortunately, the water in Poland is very stony and the stone, as we know, can destroy all kitchen accessories in contact with water.

It is no different with granite sinks. Due to the micropores in the structure, the water leaves a white sediment, which is extremely visible on black sinks.

Jak sobie z tym radzić?

First of all, you must not use strong cleaning agents. Any chemicals that are not dedicated to granite sinks can destroy their structure and even lead to scratches and cracks.

For cleaning, we recommend using a dishwasher cube or baking soda with vinegar,

  1. Put the dishwasher cube into the closed bowl of the sink, pour hot water over it and leave it for a dozen or so minutes. The cleaning agents in the dishwasher block should deal with both limescale and other dirt that may have appeared during use. After waiting for the water to cool a little, use the soft side of the sponge to scrub the surface of the sink. A toothbrush will help in hard-to-reach places. After such a treatment, it is enough to drain the water and rinse the sink. If we have a sink with a drainer, it is enough to soak the sponge with water with the "liquid" in the sink and scrub the drainer.

  2. soda with vinegar is best mixed in a 2: 1 ratio (soda: vinegar). This mixture should be spread over the surface of the sink and left for a few minutes. Then, using a soft sponge, thoroughly wash and rinse the sink with water. A mixture of soda and vinegar should easily deal with the limescale on a black kitchen sink.

Sinks in other colors (beige, gray, white)

In the case of colored sinks, especially white and beige, the most common sediment is contamination from strongly coloring products (carrots, beets, coffee).

In this case, the best solution is to rinse off the dirt regularly. Carrot waste left at the bottom of the chamber for a long time can be very difficult to remove.

How to deal if we get confused and there are spots?

In this case, you can use the options described above, which will allow you to clean our sink and restore it to its previous state.

Another option that we recommend are liquids or lotions dedicated to cleaning granite sinks. They are designed not to damage the structure of the material and at the same time to deal with the resulting dirt. Most of the manufacturers of sinks offer agents dedicated to cleaning their sinks, which are tested and matched to the composite mixtures used by the manufacturer.

Finally, remember that your best protection is preventive action.

If you have been using the sink for several years and you have used highly corrosive cleaning agents, sponges such as "wire cloth" or lotions not intended for cleaning granite sinks, unfortunately it may turn out that none of the methods presented above will help and the only option is to have well-kept sink will be its replacement.

If you have a granite sink soon, regular cleaning will keep your sink beautiful for many years.

Do you want to learn how to care for granite sinks? About that soon.

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